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Your tuition is based on your graduate level of the Klemmer work. To enroll, click the button to be taken to the request to enroll form, or simply scroll down.

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Klemmer Coaching Academy is a powerful, online coaching certification. Whether you are building your own coaching career or simply dedicated to discovering leadership techniques to apply in your life, KCA will provide tools and tactics to support your journey. Over the course of six modules, students explore:

  • Groundwork and Foundations for your coaching practice
  • Tools and Techniques for effective coaching 
  • Designing a Coaching Business

This course is packed full of audio, video and action guides to support your certification journey. You will have six-months to complete this on-demand, at-your-pace course. To get started, fill out the form to the right.

Tuition is based on the amount of Klemmer training you have completed. 

Are you a current KCA student? Email Elizabethm.klemmer@gmail.com and request to be transferred to the new KCA classroom. 

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Enrollment requests are reviewed and responded to within 48 business hours. Note: you have six months from the date you start the class to complete the course. You may request a 30-day extension for $500.


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