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Our on-demand, eCourses put the power of learning in the palm of your hand. Continue your leadership training wherever you are.  

Klemmer Coaching Academy

Klemmer Coaching Academy (KCA) is a Foundational Coaching Certification course that focuses on the foundations of successful coaching. Students will be guided through a series of six modules full of video, audio and downloadable content. Students have 180 days to complete this on-demand course. 

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Samurai Camp Virtual

Samurai Camp Virtual is an exclusive online experience for Samurai Camp LIVE graduates. This is an opportunity to play in camp again, in the comfort of your own home while still having access to the tools and coaching of the LIVE experience. Participants get to customize their virtual experience to suit their needs. Coming Soon! 

Community Courses

Our community of courses is coming soon and will feature content from Klemmer facilitators, staff and students. Soon you will be able to browse a variety of training topics from leadership to specialty interests. Coming Soon!


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